Signs You Need Shingle Repair ASAP!

Shingles are known to deteriorate as time goes on. However, not many homeowners know when is the right time to replace or repair them. If you are one of them, you might need this article to give you signs on when is the right time to repair them.

Signs for Shingle Repair

Cracks and dents – these signs are what call for concern for most homeowners. If they look like they went from something to look like brand new to almost looking like it was ravaged by a storm, it might be the right time to call a roofing repair and maintenance team. These are common signs for shingle repair as they are nearing their end, and shingle repair is needed ASAP.

Peeling of exterior paint – when a shingle has accumulated moisture over the course of its lifespan, it might display signs of paint peeling off from its core. As a result, roofing repairs are needed for this particular scenario. Moisture seeping onto the shingle can result in blisters and cracks, which are common signs that you need roof repair.

Leaks – shingle replacement is the best option when leaks are common during heavy rains and storms. This sign tells you that it has served its purpose and that shingle replacement is the best road. In addition, you don’t need shingle repair in this type of scenario; what you need is to replace the entire shingles.

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