How to Prepare Your Yard for a Backyard Wedding

When planning your big day, there is a lot to keep track of and remember. This is especially true when the venue is outdoors, and you are trying to work on decorating a backyard for wedding ceremony details. You have chosen your engagement rings, your dress is perfect, and your cake and food are ready. All the details are taken care of. You have decided to skip traditional wedding reception halls and hold your wedding outside in your big, beautiful backyard.

Planning for a wedding is a huge undertaking and it can quickly become overwhelming, confusing, and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are countless experts waiting to help you prepare for your backyard wedding right now! What do you need to know about decorating a backyard for wedding events in order to make it a day to remember for all the right reasons? Read on to find out!

Improve Your Flower Gardens

Chances are, you have chosen your backyard for your wedding venue because you love the way it looks. The trees, the flowers, and the garden areas all make the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Naturally, you want this garden area to look the best that it can, so some mulching, wedding, and mowing will be necessary. It is essential to take the weeks and days leading up to your wedding to ensure your garden is as perfect as possible.

The process involved with decorating a backyard for wedding ceremonies is involved and needs to be done in stages, so everything looks great and as natural as possible for your big day. Starting as soon as possible and not putting it all off until the last minute will save you great stress! Mowing far enough head means the grass will be nice and short but not too stinky from being cut recently. Fresh flowers will brighten up the beds and areas around your home but they need some time to adjust to the new environment if possible before you start taking pictures on your big day. Timing the lawn watering is also critical so the grass is soft and green without being soggy and wet when the wedding day arrives.

Make the Yard Pest Free

Few things will ruin the mood and setting of your backyard wedding like pests will. No one wants ants and other bugs crawling around their feet or on the table and chairs. Likewise, keeping birds, squirrels, and other critters out of your space for your ceremony is also something to consider. Decorating a backyard for a wedding also involves ensuring your space is free of annoying and bothersome wildlife and pests. Ants, fleas, spiders, flies, and other pests as well as animals such as raccoons, rabbits, and squirrels, can cause a major headache for anyone planning a backyard wedding.

You can begin spraying for common insects in the weeks leading up to your big day to ensure there is time for multiple applications and to ensure it is working effectively. You can also hire professional pest control companies or an exterminator to help you repel wildlife from the area, so there are no surprise visitors on your special day. This is your special day, so you need to make sure you are the star of the show and that your guest’s attention is on you, not on any annoying biting bugs or party-crashing wildlife.

Hire a Landscape Designer

Working with a local landscape design company can help make the process of planning your backyard wedding less stressful. Letting the pros handle all the technical work allows you to focus on the details that matter the most to you for your wedding day. Landscape experts will know what to do to make sure your lawn, trees, flowers, shrubs, and backyard as a whole are ready for your special day. While decorating a backyard for a wedding might seem fairly straightforward, there are many factors to consider, many of which you might not even be thinking about at first.

Landscape experts can help you with less-obvious factors of your wedding planning, such as landscape lighting services, irrigation issues, and lawn improvement treatments. Rather than worrying about if the sprinklers were turned off, if the law looks good enough, if the leaves have been raked up recently, and a host of other things, you can be confident everything is going to come together. The pros can tell you what needs to be done, when, and how, and they can get it all done for you so you can put your time and energy into all the other vital aspects of your backyard wedding ceremony!

Clean Any Brick or Concrete Hardscapes

There is more to your garden and backyard space than grass and flowers and trees. If you have a patio, porch, deck, or other paved areas, you must ensure it gets some care and attention ahead of your wedding day. Working with one of the local power washing companies can help you clean everything quickly and easily, so your space looks perfect on your big day. Power washing is also great for walkways, driveways, and even the exterior of your home, so this is something that definitely needs to be included on your wedding preparation checklist. A beautiful yard will look dull and less vibrant when the paved hardscape areas are dingy and dirty looking.

While planning and decorating a backyard for wedding guests, you should consider what they will see and interact with while there. Will they be sitting on a deck or patio to watch the ceremony? Will your house be in the photos as part of the backdrop? Will your guests be coming and going throughout the yard area? Knowing how the space will be sued will help you know what to focus on as you clean and prep your backyard.

Add Some Additional Privacy

A wedding is an intimate and personal moment that you choose to share with your closest friends and family members. Privacy is essential to setting the mood for most wedding ceremonies. This is why most weddings are not done out in the middle of a public space. While your home may already have some privacy with a fence or some shrubs, you might need to consider adding in some more. This can go a long way in helping to maintain the look and feel you want for your wedding while also keeping it a beautiful and personal experience.

Your local fence companies can help you upgrade your property fencing to be clean and vibrant for your big day. Or you can talk to them about setting up a small temporary privacy fence or structure in one area of the yard where the ceremony will take place. You can go as simple or fancy as you want with your fence, and your local professional can help ensure you get the look that is just right for your special day. Keeping things personal and private is a big part of decorating a backyard for a wedding but many people do not really give much thought to it as they prepare.

Clean Your Windows Thoroughly

There are a number of components of the home that might impact your wedding and play a role in how well your backyard wedding turns out. Obviously, the exterior of the home and other outdoor areas such as patios and walkways, can end up in the wedding events and be included in the ceremony and any photos taken. This also includes the windows of your home. Working with local window washers can ensure your home windows are clean and sparkling for all those memory-making photos. But why is it important that the windows stay clean for an outdoor wedding at your home?

While you are decorating a backyard for wedding celebrations, chances are everything will not be fully contained to the outside space. Guest will likely be coming in and out of the house. So, you naturally will have everything inside neat and clean. But windows are a sort of in-between space that often gets overlooked as they are not fully interior and not fully exterior. Clean windows free of dirt, grime, and dust are just one more item that can make your home wedding the best that it can be.

Build a Gazebo for the Ceremony

Many people choose a backyard wedding for the ease and convenience of not having to deal with many venues, confined spaces, and decorating concerns. However, you might need to consider a little construction work to make sure your backyard venue is the best that it can possibly be. While trees can make a wonderful archway and flowers and plants can be sued to tie everything together., sometimes a wedding just calls for a gazebo or similar structure. It is a popular focal point for many outdoor ceremonies and they can be easily designed and built by a local contractor or gazebo builder.

While you are decorating a backyard for wedding day events, you may want to have something custom-built for your ceremony. It will take things to the next level, and after the wedding is done, you can have a lasting piece of that special day right there in your backyard to enjoy day after day. You can go as simple or complex as you want and building your own focal point for the ceremony can be a wonderful way to make your special day as beautiful and unique as you are.

Ensure Your Trees are Safe and Look Nice

With any backyard gathering, especially something as big and special as a wedding, tree service is something you cannot afford to bypass and overlook. Your yard is your venue and the backdrop for your entire wedding day. You want it to look as perfect as possible, and a local tree care expert or arborist can do this for you. It is also a great way to ensure your property is safe and that you, your family, and your guests will be safe while celebrating your wedding in your backyard. This is something you can’t afford to miss!

Tree care is a vital part of decorating a backyard for a wedding. You will want to make sure unsightly moss, mistletoe, vines, and similar things are removed from your trees. Any unsightly, dead, or risky-looking branches will need to be removed for safety’s sake. You will also want to make sure you are taking care of your trees in the months and weeks leading up to your special day so that they are healthy, vibrant, and full of life. Local tree care experts can help you make your trees the perfect backdrop for your backyard wedding event.

Get Expert Help Decorating a Backyard for Wedding Memories

Obviously, there are many things to consider and work through when planning a wedding. Even a seemingly easy and straightforward venue option like your own backyard has its own set of factors to consider. From the flow of the garden space to getting everything looking just right to maintain a safe and enjoyable setting for everyone, you will still have a lot to do leading up to your wedding day. But you can make it easier on yourself by working with local contractors and experts to make each step in the process easier and less stressful. It is a big event, and a wonderful day you will want to remember forever, so many sure you are decorating a backyard for wedding memories with the best game plan in place.

Call your local landscapers, wedding planners, construction contractors, and cleaning companies today. Talk to them about the services they offer and how they can help make your backyard the perfect place for your big wedding day event.

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