Build Your Dream Landscape for the Best Backyard Hangouts

The ideal hangout space doesn’t have to be a local bar or restaurant. You can create that space on your property by revamping your outdoor landscape. Create the best backyard hangouts by installing new features, implementing long-overdue upgrades, and nailing the details. Which improvements can turn your yard into the perfect hangout spot? Continue below to learn more about our favorite ideas!

Consider a Deck or Patio

Since we are discussing backyard hangouts in this article, we might as well start by brainstorming ideas for living spaces. After all, you need comfortable living spaces if you’re going to stay outside for extended periods. While you can build different living spaces, custom patios, and decks are among the most popular options. So, which one belongs in your backyard?

Let’s highlight the decks first. A deck is an open platform connected to the main home. Decks can be elevated, and it is generally easier to find spots for them within a backyard setting. However, you and your deck builder also have to consider weight restrictions and permit requirements.

Patios are paved spaces built on the ground, and they are highly customizable. You can set up support structures and a roof to create a covered patio. Securing a permit isn’t necessary if you’re building a patio, and they are also easy to maintain. Unfortunately, not all backyards can accommodate patios because they have to be built on even ground and take up plenty of space.

Unsurprisingly, there are pros and cons to both decks and patios. Consider how you typically enjoy your time outside to determine which addition fits you better. If you’re worried about cost, patios are usually less expensive. On the flip side, decks consistently deliver better returns.

Install a Pool!

Swimming pools are among the most highly coveted backyard additions for homeowners. Whether you’re talking to kids or adults about their preferred backyard additions, swimming pools will inevitably come up. It’s not hard to understand why those pools are so popular.

Few things are as fun as hanging out near the pool with your family and friends on a hot summer day. Prepare some burgers and ice-cold drinks poolside to make the experience even more enjoyable for everyone. Even your pets can jump in the pool and join the fun.

Unlike other backyard hangouts, swimming pools can also serve as fitness-focused additions. You can go for a few laps in your pool every morning and stay in shape that way. Swimming gets your body going without placing excessive strain on your joints, so it can be better for you than many other exercise routines.

A basic pool can be a fine addition to any home, but you can also make it more special. Pool companies can elevate your swimming experience by installing additional features. Some features worth considering include jets, waterfalls, slides, and lights. You can also go for a specific pool design and turn that fixture into the centerpiece of your outdoor landscape.

You should also consider features that will help protect your swimming pool. Pool screens protect that fixture from debris and pests. Those screens also prevent kids and pets from falling into the water when no adult is around to watch them. Set up that protective feature and keep it in good condition with the help of a pool rescreening service.

Pick the Best Landscaping Options

The best backyard setting features more than a comfortable or fun hangout spot. You also have to get the surroundings right to maximize your enjoyment and relaxation. To create the ideal setting for your backyard hangouts, you must figure out the landscaping situation.

Begin by choosing a theme for your outdoor landscape. The possible themes for your backyard landscape include Mediterranean, tropical, and desert. Those are just some of the popular landscaping themes. There are so many more options for you to choose from, and you can even put together a custom theme.

Once you have a theme in mind, you can start choosing your landscape elements. Plants feature prominently in all kinds of landscaping themes, and you should look into getting varied options. Speak to a landscape supplier with a wide selection of plants and pick out the options that will work best with your desired theme. You should also set up planters and other features that will allow those plants to shine in your backyard.

Partnering with a landscape designer is also highly recommended. A designer can account for your backyard’s features and choose a landscape theme that works best with your established elements. They can create the dream landscape you never knew you needed for your backyard. Make sure you work with landscape suppliers and designers who have plenty of experience in your area so you can enjoy the best results.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Lighting

There are times when you never want your backyard hangouts to end. Since everyone’s getting into the swing of things and having a good time, you naturally want to make that last as long as possible. Thankfully, you don’t have to cut those backyard hangout sessions short simply because the sun has set. After setting up some outdoor lighting, you and your loved ones can enjoy extended sessions in your backyard.

Homeowners have numerous options to consider in terms of outdoor lighting. String lights look great on tree branches and tall plants, while bollard lights can perfectly illuminate your pathways. Spotlights allow you to showcase your favorite outdoor features. You can also install step lights if you have staircases found throughout your garden.

Feel free to get creative with your outdoor lighting setups, but don’t forget about safety in the process. Accidents can happen when you position electrical fixtures near plants, so you must always exercise caution. Only use light fixtures and extension cords specifically designed for outdoor use. You should also keep the lights and extension cords away from flammable materials.

Make the setup process easier by enlisting the aid of electricians. Hire electricians who can help create safe lighting arrangements in your backyard. You can also ask them to install the supplemental features that will allow you to establish your desired lighting arrangements.

Get a New Paint Job

If you overlook something important, the new features you’re adding to your outdoor landscape may not have the same impact. The important element in question is your exterior painting. Lackluster exterior painting can adversely affect your outdoor landscape in a variety of ways.

The fading paint on your exterior walls may not mesh well with your plants and other outdoor features. You must refresh your exterior paint job to create an outdoor design scheme with better cohesion. The new coats of paint can also protect your siding, trim, and exterior walls better.

Don’t forget about the positive impact that exterior painting can have on property value. You can instantly increase property value by refreshing your home’s paint job. Repainting is also one of the most economical ways to boost both property value and curb appeal.

Of course, you can only reap the benefits of exterior painting if you secure the services of the best house painter and the highest-quality materials. Find the top painter in your area by checking in with your neighbors. You can also scour online reviews to find candidates worth hiring. Enlist their help to create the most beautiful backyard hangouts.

When it comes to the exterior paint itself, you should choose the acrylic options. Acrylic paints work best for outdoor applications because they can handle extreme temperatures and pair well with most building materials. The paint finish is another important consideration. Matte finishes are great for siding, while the semi-gloss options work remarkably well around doors and windows.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen or Fire Pit Area

The best backyard hangouts need a centerpiece. As noted earlier in this article, a swimming pool can be the centerpiece of your revamped outdoor landscape. If you’re not keen on swimming or live in a part of the country known for chilly weather, you can build an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit instead,

An outdoor kitchen can be a transformative addition to your backyard. Once your new kitchen is completed, you and your loved ones can enjoy dining under the blue or starry skies. Pair your outdoor kitchen with an attached dining area so everyone can comfortably enjoy their meals. Building a bar beside your outdoor kitchen also makes refreshing drinks more accessible.

Maximize the longevity of your outdoor kitchen features by purchasing the pieces that come with powder coat finishes. If your heart is set on installing a quartz countertop outdoors, you should buy a piece specifically rated for that application. Using the wrong type of quartz countertop outdoors may lead to its colors fading quickly.

Backyard hangouts built around fire pits can also be highly enjoyable. Relax near your fire pit following a tiring day at work and feel your stress melt away. Cozying up to the fire with your loved ones is also a great way to spend your night.

Cast iron fire pits are the classic options, while the steel options are lauded for their durability. Stone is the best option if you’re trying to pair the fire pit with the other natural decorations in your backyard. Aluminum fire pits stand out as the most economical option. Carefully consider all those material options while shopping for your fire pit.

Don’t Skip the Hardscaping Details

When coming up with their desired outdoor landscape designs, most homeowners focus on their plant and centerpiece selections. People taking that approach to design should come as no surprise because those elements garner the most attention. Still, you cannot neglect the other essential elements of your outdoor landscape. To be more specific, you need to pick the right hardscaping elements for your backyard hangouts.

Hardscaping elements keep your backyard organized and accessible. Examples of hardscaping elements that complete outdoor landscapes include stone paths, driveways, retaining walls, fences, and stairs. Outdoor living areas like decks, patios, and gazebos are also considered hardscaping.

Choosing the right material compositions for your hardscaping elements is critical. These outdoor fixtures will be constantly exposed to wear and tear and the elements. Take that into consideration before you pick up a particular material. Natural stone is a popular material choice for hardscaping elements because it holds up well to those potential causes of damage.

Note that your hardscaping elements don’t have to be exclusively functional additions. They can bolster your yard’s organization, accessibility, and appearance. Bricks, stamped concrete tiles, and river rocks are elements you can integrate into hardscaping features to make them more appealing from an aesthetic standpoint. A hardscape contractor can provide the materials you need and assist with installation.

Consider Other Home Improvement Updates, Too!

We’ve already touched on the different ways to create the best backyard hangouts, but there are still other upgrades worth pursuing if you have the money to spare. For instance, working on your roof can significantly impact your outdoor landscape. Repairing your roof can make a big difference as its refreshed appearance can accentuate your revamped decor. You should also contact a roofing company if that part of your home needs to be replaced.

Changing your doors is another idea worth considering. Inspect your front, back, and garage doors to see if they are still in good condition. Administer the necessary repairs to ensure that those elements of your home continue to complement your outdoor landscape. You can also install sliding or automatic doors to create a stronger connection between your property’s interior and exterior portions.

Sprinklers can also make a big difference in your backyard if you have a new lawn. New windows aren’t as impactful as new doors, but changing their frames can round out your outdoor area. A new mailbox at the end of your driveway can also be the final flourish your backyard needs.

Building your dream outdoor landscape is an attainable goal if you follow the tips detailed in this article. Are you looking for more outdoor design inspirations? Visit our website today and check out the other ways you can beautify your outdoor landscape!

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