10 Ideas for Your Ohio Backyard Landscaping and Hardscaping

When it comes to backyard landscape packages, the possibilities are endless. Ohio is known for its beautiful landscapes, with rolling hills and lush greenery. Your outdoor space can also live up to this reputation with the proper landscaping and hardscaping techniques.

This guide will explore several ideas for your Ohio backyard that will enhance its beauty and functionality. Consider installing some of these backyard landscape packages to improve your backyard significantly. So, let’s dive in!

1. Install Lighting

Landscape lighting is among the most effective ways to enhance your backyard. Not only does it add a beautiful ambiance to your outdoor space, but it also provides safety and security. When it comes to lighting your backyard, there are various lights you can use. Here are some examples.

  • Path lights. You could need path lights if you have an open backyard with walkways. These lights can help you achieve a beautiful effect with illuminated walkways that create a welcoming entrance to your backyard.
  • Spotlights. These lights are ideal for highlighting specific features in your backyard. Such features may include a beautiful tree, a sculpture, or a water fountain that deserves to be in the spotlight.
  • Floodlights. Floodlights can provide ample lighting and aesthetic appeal if you have a large, open backyard. Since floodlights offer broad coverage and allow mounting on heights beyond 20 feet, they are ideal for illuminating decks, patios, or lawns.
  • Decorative bollards. Decorating bollards are your best bet if you aim to add beauty to your backyard by contrasting lights and shadows. These sophisticated lights come with stylish, intricately cut panels that project patterns of shadows and lights.

Other types of lights that you can use include mini fixtures, in-ground well lights, and downlights. Forbes also prescribes using string lights to light your patio and backyard intricately. You can find them at any landscape supply store near you.

2. Add Plants

A backyard without plants is like a canvas without colors. Adding plants to your backyard will make it look more attractive and bring nature closer to your home. You can transform your outdoor space into a tranquil and peaceful oasis with the right plants. However, you must first consider what you want to find the right plants.

Do you want a flower, herb, or vegetable garden? If you want a flower garden to beautify your landscape, consider whether you want annuals or perennials. You must pick the best gardening spot after selecting what to plant.

You must consider that most vegetables and flowering plants need around 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. This fact will dictate where you place your plants. Clear the ground on the spots you pick, ensuring you remove all the weeds and sod.

Before planting, you must also improve the soil to ensure it has the right texture, moisture, and nutrient content. You can contact lawn fertilizing companies to test and improve your soil to guarantee optimal growth. Once done, begin your planting.

While you could do it yourself, successfully adding plants to your backyard may require some expertise you may not have. That is why we recommend seeking the services of a landscaping company. These companies have the expertise, tools, and materials to create an attractive garden. Their experts also have extensive experience choosing the right plants for different conditions.

3. Build a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is among the few backyard landscape packages that can be functional and decorative. For those with sloped backyards, it can be an effective way to prevent soil erosion. It can also help you create flat surfaces for gardening or recreation. From a decorative standpoint, it can add structure to your backyard and become a focal point.

Retaining walls can come from different materials, including concrete, stone, or wood. The choice you make should take into account your budget and preference. Currently, most homeowners opt for concrete-based retaining walls. That’s because they are durable and require minimal maintenance. Besides material, Structure Magazine implores you to make other considerations, such as size and drainage.

Building a retaining wall requires advanced construction and architectural skills. Therefore, you will need to seek the services of retaining wall companies. With their expertise, these professionals will help develop a design that best suits your backyard. They will also advise and guide you through the various considerations, from appropriate materials to size and drainage.

You must follow proper landscape architecture design principles during construction. This measure will guarantee the stability and longevity of your retaining wall. Working with companies with experience and various backyard landscape packages is essential.

4. Install Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems go beyond creating a visually attractive focal point in your property. They offer an efficient and effective way of watering your lawn or garden. With the unpredictable weather patterns in Ohio, sprinkler systems will make your gardening easier. You won’t have to worry about remembering to water your plants as the system allows automation. Whether on vacation or busy at work, your plants will receive the necessary moisture.

Sprinkler systems can also help with outdoor drainage. By targeting specific areas of your backyard, the system prevents water from pooling and damaging your landscape. Additionally, they can also help in preventing soil erosion and keeping your backyard looking neat.

When undertaking a sprinkler system installation, seeking professional services is essential. DIY is not recommended as it requires specialized knowledge and equipment. For instance, an expert will help you calculate the ideal water pressure, meter size, service lane size, and flow rate. They will also map out the sprinkler system and plan coverage to ensure all areas of your backyard receive adequate water. This process will guarantee a healthy and beautiful lawn or garden throughout.

5. Build a Pool

A backyard pool is among Ohio’s most sought-after backyard landscape packages. It is one of those additions that adds aesthetic appeal and functionality to your backyard. It can also provide a perfect space to relax, exercise, or entertain family and friends during hot Ohio summers. Additionally, it can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell.

However, before building a pool, there are a few things you need to consider. For starters, what kind of pool do you want? You can either opt for an above-ground or an in-ground pool. The one you choose will depend on the size and style of your backyard. It will also determine other factors such as design, cost, equipment, and utilities.

The New York Times recommends a plunge pool for individuals with a small backyard. A plunge pool is smaller and shallower than a traditional one, making it perfect for relaxation and cooling. It is a cost-friendly and space-saving option for homeowners who want to enjoy having a pool in their small backyard.

Once you have settled on the type of pool you want, you must determine the size. Although the pool size is entirely your choice, it shouldn’t be too big for the backyard. You don’t want a pool that will take up all your space and leave no room for other landscaping features. Don’t worry about the cost. According to Forbes, you can build a pool with a modest $700.

There are numerous pool companies you can choose from when building a pool. However, select a company with experience and extensive backyard landscape packages. Building a pool is a significant investment; you must ensure it’s done correctly.

6. Create a Patio

Having a patio in your backyard offers a variety of benefits. It is a dedicated space for relaxation, outdoor dining, or even social gatherings. With a comfortable, well-furnished patio, you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility from the comfort of your backyard.

From a financial perspective, a well-designed patio can boost your property’s value. According to a Home Light Survey, building a patio has a massive 109% return on investment. Prospective homebuyers often view a well-maintained outdoor space as a valuable asset. As such, it can be a significant selling point.

Moreover, a patio can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your backyard. There are various styles you can apply when creating your patio. However, you might want to choose patio materials that allow customization to suit your style and budget.

Some common patio materials include concrete, pavers, bricks, natural stone, gravel, and wood. Each material has its unique features and benefits. For example, concrete is durable and low maintenance, but it may not offer the same aesthetic appeal as natural stone or wood. As such, it’s essential to consider functionality and aesthetics when choosing a material.

You can opt for DIY or professional patio services when creating a patio. While DIY may seem cost-effective, creating a patio requires specialized skills and equipment. A professional will help you design and build a patio that best suits your backyard while following all the proper installation techniques.

7. Install a Fire Pit

A fire pit can be a fantastic focal point in your backyard while providing a space for outdoor cooking during social gatherings. It can also offer a cozy spot to sit beside a fire during chilly evenings. Additionally, depending on the style of fire pit you choose, it can also add an element of design to your backyard. Various styles of outdoor fire pits in backyard landscape packages have unique features, benefits, and considerations. Some of the styles include:

  • Freestanding designer fire pits
  • Fire pit grills
  • Built-in permanent stone or brick fire pits
  • Fire bowls Portable fire pits
  • Tabletop fire pits
  • Chiminea

Once you have decided on the ideal style for your backyard, you now have to consider the type of fuel you intend to use. You can choose wood burning, gel fuel, or natural gas fire pits. Wood-burning fire pits are a popular choice among homeowners. They are typically preferred due to their traditional flames, authentic crackling sounds, and generous amounts of heat.

When installing a fire pit, following proper safety measures is crucial. Ensure there is enough space around the fire pit for people to move freely without getting too close to the flames. You should also consider having a non-flammable material such as gravel or concrete pavers surrounding the fire pit area to prevent fires from spreading.

8. Create a Walkway

Backyard landscape packages often include beautifully designed walkways that add structure and functionality to your outdoor space. A walkway can serve as a pathway, making it easier to navigate your outdoor space, especially if you have a large backyard. It can also add visual interest and character to your backyard.

When creating a walkway, there are various materials and designs to choose from. You can opt for natural stone, brick pavers, concrete, gravel, or mulch. Each material has its unique features that offer various benefits. For instance, while natural stone may be more expensive, it provides a more rustic and natural look than concrete. Additionally, it can last a lifetime. You can also choose from designs like straight, curved, or zigzag patterns.

You should always consider style and functionality when choosing a design for your walkway. It should blend well with your backyard and complement other landscaping features. You must also follow the proper installation techniques to prevent damage and accidents in the future.

9. Add a Water Feature

Backyard landscape packages with water features like fountains or ponds can enhance aesthetics. Such features create a soothing ambiance and can serve as a habitat for local wildlife. They also add an element of tranquility and relaxation to your outdoor space.

When considering a water feature for your backyard, consider the size and style that best complement your landscaping design. Before deciding, consider maintenance requirements, cost, and location factors. For instance, a pond may require more maintenance and space than a small fountain. It is also essential to choose the location carefully because some water features, like fountains, may create excess moisture.

10. Incorporate Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs, and lounge chairs can make your backyard a comfortable and functional resting space. You can incorporate furniture on a patio, deck, or even in a designated outdoor living area. Alternatively, you could place some furniture around the fire pit.

Outdoor furniture should prioritize comfort above all else. Therefore, you should invest in cozy cushions, pillows, and fabrics. You should also prioritize durable and weather-resistant materials due to constant exposure to the elements. Typical outdoor furniture materials include wicker, wrought iron, aluminum, and teak wood. When selecting furniture, consider how well it fits and matches your backyard design. The size, shape, and style should complement your landscaping and hardscaping features.

As you can see, there are numerous backyard landscape packages to enhance your Ohio backyard. The options are endless, from installing lighting and adding plants to building a pool or patio. When designing your backyard landscape, it is essential to mind the long-term maintenance requirements for any additions. You should also consider how all features will complement each other and create a cohesive look. With careful planning and execution, you’ll create a beautiful and functional backyard space.

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