Home Exterior Improvements for Easy Home Sales

Some attributes that make your home appealing to the buyer are the price, home condition, curb appeal, and factors like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. A potential buyer typically wants to walk into the homestead and completely feel at home. Below are 10 exterior improvements for easy home sales.


The first thing to consider for easy home sales is the siding. The siding helps to protect the wall paint from the weather, reducing maintenance. However, the siding wears off, especially if it has protected your home for over 20 years. A potential buyer wants a ready-to-settle home that will need less investment in customization.

Keep the stone’s color in your mind when doing home siding installation. A cool, warm, and neutral palette will complement the stone color and make your home look appealing to the buyer. In fact, the cost vs. value report 2023 shows you can increase a home value by $17,129 by adding fiber cement and $15,485 by adding vinyl sidings.

The second thing you must consider is the window replacement. Windows can last for over 20 years, but replace them if you want to increase the ROI. Potential buyers do not want aged windows with weak seals that open them to drafts and water seepage. As such, invest in quality windows and ensure the window panes are clean to attract buyers.

Choose modern window curtains or blinds depending on how you want to attract potential buyers. For instance, install blackout blinds in the bedroom windows for optimal sleeping conditions. On the other hand, add curtains to the living room to enhance style and theme without blocking the light.

Dazzling clean windows will draw the potential buyer’s attention, but you can make them more appealing with window sills. Create the focal points using window sills, and your home will stand out in your area. Another thing you need to consider is energy efficiency. Shutters are the best choice for preventing heat loss and enhancing privacy.


A garage improvement is vital if you intend to have easy home sales. A heavy wooden garage door that is heavy to open manually won’t attract value for your home. You need to swap the door for a lighter aluminum if you are on a budget. However, an automatic door that opens with the press of a remote is ideal for the modern world.

After you have fixed the garage doors, insulate and vent the space. Extreme heat or cold can damage the car’s exterior and internal components. Ensure the garage is well-vented to prevent carbon monoxide from seeping into the house. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector to signal when the environment is unsafe.

On the other hand, be very smart with your storage strategies. In garages, many homeowners keep old sofa sets, baseball equipment, and plastic items. But that would drive away the potential buyer because they may think the house is small for storage. Ideally, put up a shed around the yard to store unused items and leave the garage space clean for viewing.

Install better lighting around the garage to make the place safe and secure for the new homeowner. Burglars target garages in dark areas and can steal car items at night. The new homeowner also wants a well-lit area as they walk to the house after parking the car during the night. Install motion-sensitive lights to save energy, and you’ll have easy home sales.

Concrete floors are ideal for the garage, but you can paint them with an epoxy finish to make cleaning easier. Oil and other fluids from the car can easily stain the concrete floor and degrade its value. Finally, modernize the garage by installing charging ports for electric cars. Electric cars are increasing in the market, and the potential buyer may have one, so adding a charging port can make it easier for them.


For easy home sales, you must evaluate your roof and make a few considerations. Many homeowners have roof insurance, a manufacturer’s warranty, and a roofer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty replaces any roofing material damaged due to their fault. On the other hand, the roofer’s warranty is effective if the roof is damaged due to an installation fault.

Roofing insurance is essential to homeowners. If the roof is damaged by the weather or other factors, depending on your insurance policy declarations, your roof repairs or replacement cost is covered by your insurer. Unfortunately, the warranties expire, and the insurance premium lowers as the roof ages. So, evaluate all the above things before listing your home for sale.

Manufacturer warranty can last for 10 to around 25 years, depending on the quality of the material used and your agreement. If this warranty has expired, you’d want to install a new roof for better coverage. This will catch your potential buyer’s interest. Secondly, the roofer’s warranty can go on for years, depending on your roofing company‘s reputation and your agreement.

If the roofer’s warranty has expired, you will spend more if the roofing is damaged. In this situation, you need to replace the roof. Finally, a new roof gets the best insurance policy called the Replacement Cost Value(RCV). This policy covers the actual replacement cost in case of damage.

However, as the roof ages, the insurance company can revise the terms and fix your roofing project in Actual Cost Value(ACV). ACV may not cover the whole replacement cost. And if the potential buyer notices your roof value has degraded, they may call off the deal. If the insurance coverage is good and the warranties are active, you may need to do the final touches on your roof to attract buyers.

If your roof is under 10 years old and in good condition, here is what you need to do; call professional roofers to help inspect for minor damages. Walk around and check the gutter areas for any shingle granules. Look for curled and missing shingles as well as missing shingle nails. Early repairs will retain the value and will cost you less.

Let the professional examine the attic for any signs of decay or discoloration. This will enable easy identification of the leaking areas. Check the chimney, roof flashing, underlayment, and ridge capping. Make repairs on all damaged parts and use uniform quality and color materials to retain the aesthetic look.

Patio and Pathways

Patios and pathway renovation can facilitate easy home sales. Patio and pathway pointing is the best and most affordable way to improve the outdoors. However, due to dust and leaves, identifying the cracked parts and pathway areas with potholes isn’t easier. As such, start by clearing the furniture on the patio and sweep the area.

Secondly, pressure wash the area and remove any stubborn stains around the surface. Check the area around the joints and clean thoroughly to ensure any developing faults are visible. Finally, apply a jointing mortar that matches the color of the patio stone. Use a sprinkler setting on your hose and wet the slab for better compaction.

The water easily damages walkways during heavy rains or in case of septic leaks. The first thing you should consider when renovating your walkway is the drainage. Remove the overgrown grass that may have covered the slab and sweep the area to identify misaligned slabs. If you hire concrete contractors for this job, they will remove, replace, and reposition the slabs.

Retaining Walls and Other Hardscaping

Easy home sales come with rationing the home walls and other hardscaping. When heavy rain falls, it splashes mud and dirt on the wall base leaving the home and other hardscaping messy. Many years of exposure to mud can degrade the stone’s quality. Potential buyers check your cleanliness as a way of maintenance to your home.

Inspect the lower part of the house, the stone fencing, patio, outdoor kitchen, and other hardscaping around the homestead with the help of professionals. Remove all the cobwebs and brush the dust from the wall using a heavy-duty nylon or wire brush. Since the task can be challenging, you must hire a professional for a quality job. Professionals come with the relevant equipment to make the task easier.

After vacuuming the walls, experts will pressure wash the surfaces using the correct pressure and methods. Usually, they examine the stone or brick quality before deciding on the washing method. However, pressure washing is very effective in creating a clean look for easy home sales. But installing the home siding is the best approach for long-term benefits.

Hardscaping companies can help you retain the color and aesthetics of the hardscapes around your yard. For instance, if you have walkways and patios, ensure they match the color of your interior to create cool effects. Balance the hardscapes with vegetation to make the home lively.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have evolved over the years, and you must renovate yours for easy home sales. Depending on the features you believe will attract the buyer, you can make a few changes or a complete remodel. The first thing you need to upgrade is the appliances. Your buyer will be more attracted if they learn you have a power burner to boil a big pot of corn outdoors.

Secondly, add a seating area because most families spend their time in the kitchen. Granite countertops can be a game changer for your outdoor kitchen. Granite is sturdy, durable, and weather resistant, ranking as the best choice for the outdoor kitchen. Granite comes in various colors, finishes, and designs you can choose to make the space more appealing.

Plants and Landscaping

Experts say landscaping can add 20% to 28% of the home value. However, investing in a low-maintenance landscape can attract potential buyers. No buyer will want to invest much of their money maintaining the landscape because they have other bills to cater for. As such, do simple landscaping and plant trees around the yard.

Plants help clean the air by releasing oxygen and trapping the dust from the neighborhood. Plant the trees around the fence to increase privacy and act as wind blockers. Ensure the trees don’t pose a danger of damaging the roof in case of a storm because the buyer may consider safety.


Most families have learned the beauty of finding happiness at home rather than visiting the public after the covid-19 pandemic. You’d want to invest in a good theater and setting. Secondly, you can invest in billiard tables and computer gaming setups. Gaming rooms are usually set in the basement. Finally, you can hire a local hot tub company to set up the hot tubs.

Outdoor fireplaces where the family can rest during winter are the best recreation. You can add a space to allow guests to sit around the area. Outdoor fireplaces work best with effective wind blockers and vegetation around. Invest in outdoor entertainment amenities to entertain people around patients and outdoor kitchens.


Driveways get damaged easily by trucks and a long time of use. Poor drainage is also another factor that can degrade the driveway quickly. However, if your home has a concrete driveway, you can do a bit of resurfacing to increase the value. Hire a residential paving company to prepare and clean the concrete surface.

After cleaning, you’ll inspect the damage levels and decide how to renovate the surface. If the drainage is good, experts will apply the base coat and, later, the resurfacing compound. Finally, they’ll seal the surface to make it durable. On the other hand, if you have a brick driveway, rearrange the bricks and add different color patterns for aesthetics.

Asphalt driveways are another popular trend amongst homeowners. Asphalt is durable and more weather-resistant compared to other materials. If you have a gravel or concrete driveway that has seen better days, consider hiring asphalt contractors to repave your driveway. You’d be surprised by how much it can impact your home’s overall curb appeal.

Asphalt driveways are also easy to maintain. Other than the occasional sealcoat, you don’t have to think much about your driveway once it’s been poured. If you intend on selling your home in the near future, an asphalt driveway is sure to increase your home’s value. Many home buyers are attracted to asphalt driveways because they look great and require minimal maintenance. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your home to attract more buyers, paving a new asphalt driveway may be what you’re looking for. Be sure to work with professionals to ensure the best results.

Lighting and Other Details

Invest in lighting to brighten the interior and exterior if you want easy home sales. First, modern lighting is very efficient, so buyers will be attracted once they learn they can save on energy bills. Invest in lighting your outdoor kitchen and the patios because families spend time outdoors during summer, even at night.

Ambient light install is best for overhead experiences like patios and gazebos. Secondly, you can purchase task lights to illuminate the floors, desks, and furniture. Finally, add string lights to accent your patios and the yard. This will create the best experience during night parties.

The above 10 exterior improvements will facilitate easy home sales and higher return on investment. When doing home renovations for sale, hire professionals and research market trends to learn the best features. Once your home is complete, hire a home appraisal to help you value it before listing it for sale.

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