A Guide to Natural Veneer Stone Installation

Ever witnessed that siding surface in a structure that looks like granite, solid blocks, or just a natural stone? In most cases, it’s a stone veneer of the molded concrete product, colored with iron to look like a natural stone.

The veneer stone impart a kind of texture to the pieces, and it’s very close to natural stone. When it’s installed, the veneers are quite hard to distinguish from the solid stone. These are some tips to consider in installing stone veneers.

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* Calculate Materials

Before starting the installation, you need to calculate the amount of material for the stone veneer project. You need to know how much stone you will need and the size of mortar.

* Prepare the Surface

One of the key aspect to prevent water damage is preparing the surface. You only have to make sure that the stone veneer project stays structurally sound for the installation.

* Scratch Coat

You also need a scratch coat when the metal lath is being used. The step will not be necessary when you apply the stone veneer to the masonry, cleaned concrete, or the stucco surface.

* Preparation of Stone for Installation

To get the best results, there are things you should take care before you start the veneer stone installation. You have to plan the layout, trim the stone and clean it.

* Installation

Now you can install and apply grout.


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