The Benefit of Adding Trees to Your Residential Landscaping in Columbus Ohio

residential landscaping columbus ohio

You are likely to be a homeowner who is always working on home improvements. You might not realize that the best investments in your home are made outside, but on the inside. The trees that you have planted on your property are a major feature of your landscape. Here are some benefits to consider when talking to arborists or tree specialists about adding trees on your property.

#1. Cools Down the Home and Backyard

Not only do trees provide shade for your yard that can cool you down on sunny days, but they also provide cooling effects due to evaporation. A single tree’s evaporation can provide the same cooling effect as 10 air conditioner units running 20 hours per day. If you are concerned about your heating bills during the winter months, trees planted in your yard can help reduce heating costs by between 10% and 15%. They also create windbreaks that increase insulation. In five years, your energy bill will be 33% lower if you plant a tree to the west of your house. The savings could be as high as 15% in 15 years.

#2. Increases Backyard Privacy

A tree in your yard will give you more privacy, both visually and audibly. Trees can create a sense of isolation from nearby properties and roads. A belt of trees, measuring 100 feet wide and 45 feet tall, can reduce noise pollution by up to 50% if you live near a busy street. Trees can absorb sound and block it, and they have been proven to reduce noise pollution up to 40%.

#3. Ohio Tree Care is Easy to Maintain

Trees offer another benefit, especially when compared to other landscaping options. What kind of maintenance should you expect from your trees? The Department of Agriculture recommends that trees be pruned or trimmed once a year during the dormant period. You may be able hire tree-care professionals to handle large trees. For watering, trees often get enough water from the natural rain. If it doesn’t rain an inch for 7-10 days, your trees may need to be watered.

#4. Ohio State Landscaping Improves the Value of Your Home

Incorporating trees into your landscaping is a great way to get a return on your investment. Many homeowners love it. Tree-planted homes have property values that are 5% to 15% more than their neighboring properties. Additionally, including trees in your Ohio state landscaping make homes sell faster than homes without trees.

A good place to start is to contact an arborist if you are interested in adding trees to your residential landscaping in Columbus Ohio. An arborist will be able help you choose the right tree species and placement for your property, budget, and tastes. They will also give you helpful tips on Ohio tree care.

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